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Dur 7:30 min loop
Format. DV-Cam & DVD, 16:9
Edition. 5 + 1 AP
2007-2008 Tobias Bernstrup

Neon Love was filmed during Tobias Bernstrup's performance at The Hall in Istanbul November 16th 2007. The Hall is a former Armenian church that has been transformed into a night club. In the video Bernstrup is performing his song 'Neon Love' dressed shiny latex and makeup accompanied by theatrical smoke and video projected stage visuals inspired by Kraftwerks classical film 'Neon Lights'. Bernstrup's video projections shows old neon signs filmed at night in Berlin. His mixes classicism, sci-fi, gothic noir, fin-de-siècle Weimar or digitized De Chirico with computer game aesthetics and electronic music. Bernstrup's robotic movements and androgynous stage persona reminds us of the avatars and characters as seen in his animated videos.
Neon Love is also the title of the 12" vinyl singel that Tobias released on his own label Tonight Records in 2007. The performance and exhibition at The Hall was part of 'Art on Stage' curated by Derya Demir at Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center.